five stars

“I was looking for an MD who was staying on top of the advancements in longevity research. My lingering questions and concerns about my own health and approach were addressed, and I was very satisfied with his focused recommendations. I cannot recommend Dr. Stanfield highly enough” – Brian W

five stars

“As an engineer, I really like how Dr. Stanfield can zoom in and out of abstraction layers and translates the latest biochemical scientific results into everyday habits” – Jozsef Kerekes

five stars

“I’ve always been interested in finding new ways to improve my health and maximize my chances of living longer; I can honestly say that Dr Brad’s help has raised my game significantly. I was able to see immediate changes in my well-being, and have fruitful discussions with my general practitioner leading to further improvement. I highly recommend his approach.” – Alexandre Pelletier-Normand

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I'm a 30 year old medical doctor trained in New Zealand, and I created this website to share the latest research and ideas around of longevity & extending healthspan


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