Join Brad as an Affiliate: Align with Authenticity & Science


A Partnership Grounded in Integrity

Brad isn't just looking for affiliates; he's seeking passionate individuals who believe in MicroVitamin as much as he does.


Why MicroVitamin?

  • Evidence-Based: The formulation is backed by robust clinical research, so that you, and the customers you bring in, are aligned with the latest in nutritional science.
  • Personal Belief: Brad wants his affiliates to be users first. If you wouldn't take MicroVitamin, why recommend it? Stand by what you promote, and believe in what you consume.
  • Quality Above All: Every batch of MicroVitamin is subjected to rigorous quality checks, ensuring that you're advocating a product of unmatched caliber.
  • Driving Research: Sales from MicroVitamin directly support clinical studies, including the ongoing Rapamycin and Exercise study that Brad is leading. By partnering, you're contributing to advancing the field of nutritional science.


    What Brad's Looking For:

    • A Genuine Connection: Are you a fan of MicroVitamin? Brad is looking for partners who have a personal connection to the product.
    • Content Grounded in Science:In a world of misinformation, Brad values partners committed to staying updated with the latest clinical research and guidelines.
    • Authentic Advocacy: Transparent, honest content that speaks to the heart and mind. No sensationalism, just genuine recommendations.


    Benefits of Being a MicroVitamin Affiliate:

    • Competitive Commission Rates: Benefit from one of the best commission structures in the industry.
    • Access to Latest Research: Brad will provide you with the latest studies and research around MicroVitamin, ensuring you're always in the know.
    • Support & Collaboration: From promotional materials to collaborative content opportunities, Brad has got your back.


    Ready to Join The Vision?

    If you resonate with this philosophy and are ready to become a part of the MicroVitamin journey with Brad, get in touch. Let's promote health and wellness, backed by science, together.

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